Gutterman Trial Group is a Florida civil defense firm with significant experience addressing the complex needs of the hospitality industry.

We know the hospitality industry, having served some of its most respected representatives. Our clients have included hotels, resorts, restaurants, condominium complexes, entertainment venues, sports arenas and stadiums, cities and municipalities, parks, and recreational facilities. We understand that the hospitality industry faces a number of competing demands. Our knowledge of the industry is unparalleled, and we use this practical knowledge to offer advice that keeps hospitality businesses out of legal trouble. When a claim is unavoidable, we zealously advocate for your company’s needs and interests.

Our experienced team of hospitality industry litigators manages numerous complex issues, including:

  • Premises liability cases
  • General liability and casualty claims
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Commercial and construction litigation
  • Employment law disputes
  • Intellectual property cases
  • Intentional torts

Gutterman Trial Group’s lawyers have worked for years to earn their reputation as one of Florida’s premier hospitality industry defense firms. We offer a diverse group of lawyers, who channel their experience and wisdom into a representation strategy that gets results.

Quick and Economical Resolution of Claims

A claim—even one in which you ultimately prevail—can cost your business dearly. From the costs of litigation to the damage to your reputation, we know that more is at stake than winning your case. We work to develop a keen understanding of your business’s goals and needs, then work to minimize the negative effects of a claim.

Our close relationships with our hospitality clients mean that we understand the industry inside and out. No matter what type of case you bring to us, we will apply the full weight of our legal acumen and experience to your case. We will partner with you to design the most effective strategy for your business’s needs.

Diverse Experiences and Skills

A successful litigation strategy demands a deep understanding of the complex array of regulations and laws affecting the hospitality industry. Our attorneys are in the vanguard of insurance defense strategists. We remain on top of new and complex legal regulations, and many of our lawyers are active in organizations dedicated to the hospitality industry.

Our diverse scope of practice allows us to bring the full weight of our knowledge and experience to each case. Our lawyers collaborate with lawyers from other practice areas, greatly expanding the value you can expect at Gutterman Trial Group.