Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Litigation

Gutterman Trial Group has the experience and resources to defend insurance carriers in extra-contractual and “bad faith” suits.  We are well versed with the sophisticated nature of these cases and recognize the exposure our clients face in such actions.  Our experienced attorneys evaluate the claims made against our clients and present an effective course for resolving the dispute, whether through settlement or continued litigation.

Gutterman Trial Group is proud to represent insurers in a broad range of extra-contractual and bad faith claims.  Our skilled lawyers have years of experience in the field and use that experience and knowledge to craft an innovative defense strategy aligned with your needs.

Litigation When Other Avenues Are Not Possible

While these claims negatively impact the insurance industry, as a whole, our experienced team at Gutterman Trial Group aims to minimize the repercussions to our clients. It is our goal to resolve claims as quickly and as effectively as possible. That being said, we are qualified and experienced in litigating extra-contractual and bad faith claims, when necessary