With years of experience advocating for the needs of the transportation industry, Gutterman Trial Group is one of Florida’s premier law firms. We know the unique cocktail of challenges our transportation clients face, and we have extensive experience representing both interstate and intrastate transportation businesses.

When a legal issue threatens your company, you deserve a team with a deep knowledge of the various federal and state laws regulating the industry, including but not limited to the ICC Termination Act (formerly the Carmack Amendment), Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (“COGSA”) and Air Transport Cargo Claims. We often work on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Rule and Regulation issues, and are active participants in subrogation of transportation and cargo claims. We remain on top of legal changes and industry trends that can affect our clients, and in so doing, help them avoid a claim before it happens.

Comprehensive Service, Zealous Advocacy

Gutterman Trial Group’s clients include insurance carriers across the nation, their insureds, large self-insured trucking businesses, and many others. Our skilled team of advocates has litigated complex cases addressing a range of matters, including:

  • Property damage and cargo loss
  • Environmental issues
  • Personal injury claims
  • Wrongful death claims due to trucking accidents
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Federal and state regulatory issues

Gutterman Trial Group also provides counsel to clients in the automotive industry, defending clients in a variety of motorized vehicle claims. We know that a rapid response is critical, and when an issue arises, we act quickly to reconstruct the accident and investigate the claim. This allows us to assess the claim and the injuries potentially associated with the accident. We work with professionals across the industry, allowing us to capitalize on the wisdom of engineering, medical, and other industry experts.

Client Relationships Come First

A legal dispute can disrupt your entire business, but with Gutterman Trial Group on your side, it does not have to. We are equipped to handle all complex legal matters. We work to minimize costs, while ensuring a rapid, efficient resolution. Our negotiation skills are unrivaled, and our zealous trial advocacy often encourages resolutions favorable to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation throughout the transportation community. We understand and empathize with the myriad stresses and challenges the transportation industry faces each day. We are honored by the chance to serve this sector of the economy.