Fire Legal Liability

Gutterman Trial Group has defended individuals and entities in all aspects of fire legal liability claims, including catastrophic injury and wrongful death actions across Florida. Our experienced team of legal professionals routinely assists in the investigation, evaluation, and defense of claims against homeowners, condominium and homeowners associations, and apartment complexes.

Claims arising from fire legal liability can be extremely complex and sometimes require, not only attorneys with specialized knowledge in this area of the law, but also industry experts to defend the claims presented.  Our considerable experience in litigating these cases has permitted us the opportunity to work with experts around the country in fields such as origin and cause, fire spread, life safety issues, smoke detectors and other disciplines.

We are oftentimes hired by insurers, property owners or self-insured entities shortly after a fire to assist them in analyzing and developing the liability claims that may be asserted against them.  Our attorneys have earned a reputation as some of the leading lawyers across Florida in this field, and our involvement in the early stages of these claims is often pivotal to our clients’ success.