Gutterman Trial Group has represented insurers in countless large loss subrogation and recovery claims.   We understand the value of performing a prompt and early evaluation of a claim, in order to preserve evidence and place our clients in the best possible position to prevail in a recovery action.  With the authorization of our clients, we retain forensic experts, as necessary, in order to establish a complete understanding of the cause of a loss.  We employ onsite witness interviews, communicate with public authorities, and inspect and analyze relevant physical evidence as soon as we are retained.

Subrogation is a unique facet of insurance law and requires the experience of an experienced legal team.  Gutterman Trial Group has established an effective process for the timely, accurate and cost-effective pursuit of a subrogation claim. The lawyers at Gutterman Trial Group have the legal acumen, extensive resources, and a background in the industry that allow them to handle all complex subrogation claims.