Class Actions

Our work in the sector of insurance defense gives us the background knowledge necessary to aggressively defend insurers in a wide array of class action lawsuits.  Gutterman Trial Group’s attorneys have defended numerous class actions and cases involving attempts at class action certification in the property insurance industry.  We are adept at handling complex class actions across the state of Florida, and have consistently demonstrated a thorough understanding of the insurance industry, related laws and regulations.

Understanding that a class action lawsuit can prove to be costly for insurance companies, we aim to minimize both your liability and your expenses.  Our primary goal is to have the class allegations stricken at the outset of the case or to secure an early dismissal of the claim. When these outcomes are not possible, however, we will attempt to secure an early settlement to limits the company’s liability and prepare to defend your case at trial.

Keeping You Aware of the Status of Your Class Action Case

Our goal is to give you individualized service so that you can make decisions at each stage of the litigation process. This is especially important in class action lawsuits where a company may face significant exposure. You need to be kept apprised of the most recent developments in your case so that you can make prompt and educated decisions. The attorneys at Gutterman Trial Group understand the various ramifications of a class action lawsuit and we work hard to minimize all possible liability and expenses to you, while giving you unparalleled representation.