Manufacturing still rests at the heart of the American economy and American dream. The lawyers of Gutterman Trial Group are honored to serve businesses throughout the manufacturing industry.

We are one of Florida’s most effective and respected insurance defense firms. Our lawyers pair aggressive litigation tactics with impressive negotiation skills and a proactive approach designed to prevent costly litigation. Our skilled team of attorneys has significant experience with products liability cases in a range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical devices and products
  • Automatic parts
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Restaurant supplies
  • Chemicals
  • Bicycles
  • Electronic monitoring devices
  • Exercise equipment and machines
  • Industrial mowers
  • PVC and other piping materials
  • Heavy equipment and power tools
  • Utility trailers

Lawsuits for dangerous or defective products produce enormous financial risks, potentially interfering with a business’s ability to continue manufacturing products. High-profile liability cases also regularly ruin reputations.

With Gutterman Trial Group on your business’s side, your risk and exposure are dramatically reduced. Our team remains on top of potential risks, including regulatory changes that could affect your business. We work with manufacturers to reduce their liability, particularly when a dangerous product enters into the mix. We fully investigate each and every liability claim, working alongside our clients to implement novel strategies that protect their businesses and reputations.

Steadfast Commitment to the Manufacturing Industry

Our clients know us as the go-to firm for complex liability cases, but our experience in the industry has left us uniquely equipped to manage a range of issues affecting manufacturers, including:

  • Insurance coverage claims
  • Contract litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Property claims
  • Premises liability cases
  • General liability claims
  • Casualty claims

Our diverse team of attorneys work across practice areas to provide our clients with value, expertise, and the wisdom that only experience can offer.

Minimizing Liability Through Proactive Counsel

Our industry experience means that we are uniquely attuned to the competing demands that manufacturers face. We aim to identify potential problems before they arise, and we educate our clients on their liability risk and regulatory obligations. Always on top of emerging laws and cultural changes, our lawyers are steadfastly dedicated to helping our clients prevent costly claims before they happen.